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Forensic Evaluations, Consultations and Expert Witness Testimony in Civil and Work Injury/Disability Cases.

Dominick Addario, M.D. is a nationally recognized expert in Forensic Psychiatry. Dr. Addario has over thirty years, of experience, practicing psychiatry in the greater San Diego area. In addtion, Dr Addario is Health Sciences Clinical Professor, Voluntary, UCSD Department of Psychiatry at the University of California-San Diego, School of Medicine. He is a Qualified Medical Examiner (QME), State of California, experienced in AME and IME cases. Dr Addario's primary area of specialization is medical-legal cases in psychiatry. His main office is located in the Banker's Hill section of San Diego, CA.

Dominick Addario, M.D. - 3010 First Avenue San Diego, CA 92103
Office: (619) 295-2189          Fax: (619) 295-2362

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